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Terms and Conditions


Color, Quality & Repeat Orders
Color: We have at our facility a variety of printers used to produce your order. Colors may shift from order to order and from printer to printer. If color accuracy is critical, please request a 12-inch by 12-inch color comp for $25. If you don’t request a color comp, we will print your file as submitted. Please be aware that colors may shift and we cannot guarantee color accuracy.

We use only the highest-quality materials and OEM inks to ensure outstanding finished products. Our staff takes pride in making you look good.

Repeat Orders:
As with the color comments above, please be aware that color tends to shift over time. An order placed today may be darker or lighter than an order placed six months from now. We do our very best to maintain color accuracy. However, this is the nature of large-format printing.

How long will your inks last?
We use a variety of digital presses to produce our products. The inks we use for outdoor applications will last for 1.5-3 years outside before fading. There are a number of variables including sun exposure, application, etc which will determine just how long the inks will last before fading.


Is there a warranty on banners?
Unfortunately we can't offer a warranty on banners. We use premium 13oz banner material, OEM inks, sewn hems and brass grommets - so we give your banner the best possible chance to last. Some things are out of our control like wind, how it's installed, weather, etc... we recommend taking your banner down in high wind situations. Also, please support your banner using all of the grommets provided. If you attach rope to the four corners, they will tear out.


What if I'm not happy with the color or quality of my order?
We print all artwork as it submitted. If you provide low res art, it will print in low resolution. If you copy a logo from a website at 72dpi, it will print as 72dpi and look pixillated. The best rule to use is provide high resolution, crisp, clean art, and you will receive a great final product. If there was a problem during the printing process causing colors to shift or drop out, we will request a sample from you of the bad print for evaluation. If it's determined that there was a problem during the printing process, we will gladly reprint your project at no cost to you. If the problem is determined to have been in the design process and a bad file was submitted, unfortunately we can't cover this kind of error.

Will you accept Microsoft files?
We won't accept or print a Microsoft file. Please convert all files to press quality pdf's or 300dpi .tif or .jpg files before submitting. Please be aware, Microsoft files tend to shift and things drop out when converted to pdf's. Please double check your pdf before submitting. All files will be printed as submitted. You will have one last opportunity to proof your artwork during the ordering process, please take the time to double and triple check your artwork prior to approving.

Can I cancel my order?
To meet our quick turn times, all orders are printed within 30 minutes of submittal. If you catch a mistake, you have 30 minutes to cancel the order. After 30 minutes, your order will be on press and into production. At this point, your order will be processed as submitted and can't be cancelled.

Copyrights and Permission:
Please make sure you have permission to print what you are about to order. If something is copyrighted or has a trademark, chances are you don't have permission to print it. If it's a professional sports team logo, again, chances are you don't have permission to print it. If it's a photo of someone else's artwork, chances are you don't have permission to print it. Please make sure you aren't using watermarked photos (not purchased) in your artwork. If we see something questionable, we will request proof that you have permission to print the artwork. We aren't the Copyright police but it's very important to us that you respect the intellectual property of others. We can get in just as much trouble as you if we print pirated artwork. Thank you for keeping this in mind as you create your artwork.