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File Specs

This information will help you in preparing your files for the best possible printing quality at Quick Printing & Signs.

File Types
We only accept .pdf, .jpg and .tif files. We recommend using genuine Adobe software to generate your pdf files. To download Adobe Acrobat, visit www.adobe.com/products/acrobat. Color Space: All files should be saved as CMYK. Please note: If Pantone colors are used, they should be converted to CMYK prior to submitting artwork. Please flatten artwork, outline your text and embed all images prior to sending.

Basic Instructions
Make sure you are using high resolution artwork for anything you want us to print. Low-res art is fine for a web page or email broadcast if you are doing a multi-channel campaign. Make PDF files whenever possible.

Color, Quality & Repeat Orders
Color: We have at our facility a variety of printers used to produce your order. Colors may shift from order to order and from printer to printer. If color accuracy is critical, please request a 12-inch by 12-inch color comp for $25. If you don’t request a color comp, we will print your file as submitted. Please be aware that colors may shift and we cannot guarantee color accuracy. Quality: We use only the highest-quality materials and OEM inks to ensure outstanding finished products. Our staff takes pride in making you look good. Repeat Orders: As with the color comments above, please be aware that color tends to shift over time. An order placed today may be darker or lighter than an order placed six months from now. We do our very best to maintain color accuracy. However, this is the nature of digital and large-format printing.

Advanced Tips for Professionals
The following tips are intended for graphics professionals: Embed fonts; convert text to outlines; don't use trapping; avoid transparency in front of spot colors; and generate PDF PRESS quality files when possible for the best CMYK digital output.